A Unique Gift

Are you looking for a unique gift for your
Wood Badge Course Director, Award Presentation Team, 
or Scouting History Buff?

All Scout Leaders are familiar with the origin of the Wood Badge Award and Chieftain Dinizulu’s necklace. You can now purchase a handmade replica of that famous necklace! This unique creation will be treasured by any Wood Badge Course DirectorWood Badge Award presentation team or  scouting history aficionado.

I personally manufacture each bead by hand out of select hardwoods and string them in a unique and colorful order.  A basic necklace contains two hundred beads made of two select hardwoods. Each bead is similar in exact size of “official” presentation beads, with one exception. I do not notch the end of the bead because I do not want them to be confused with award beads!

I can produce necklaces with three or more hardwood selections and of lengths greater than 200 beads on special order.  See attached photos of a few examples of my work.  These featured necklaces contain three to five hardwood selections and are about 60 inches in length, bead count varies between 185 and 205. I utilize waxed ‘sinew’ for strength and durability instead of a leather thong.

The recipient of one of these “one of a kind” creations will treasure the gift, the artistry and uniqueness as well as the historical significance for years to come.

Consider ordering one for your Course Director as a special thank you, in time for your Wood Badge Course. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.  Order today

Woodbadge Beads 3